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jon's next project

  172 cup'd extreme
Now the 2litre extreme has been finnished and working well for a year its time to think about the next project.
I think it may be another clio but im looking for some ideas!

I have a mk2 phase 1 in white that i was going to convert to an MRS engine but i have kinda put that on the back boiler, im thinking maybe a 2litre derv from the new megane? 6 speed box etc etc

Or maybe a track only RS fully stripped with all the trimmings?

Would be looking to spend 5-10 grand and do all the work myself


Should i just buy the vauxhall monaro ive been promising myself

thanks for any input !
  car? need a license 1st!
MONARO!!!!!! Them things are awsome..

I followed one in my dad's focus ST up a say 30% gradient hill.. after about 30 seconds he was gone..

Screw ur project, get some proper muscle :p
  Clio 182 Trophy 047/500
Sod the Monaro get hold of one of those Holdon Pickups with the same lump in them as the Monaro, now that would be cool.

Failing that get hold of a Twingo and chuck a 225 meggy lump into the back. LOL
I'd love to see a quick devr done maybe even with the 1.5 engine but the cost of the bits is above what you'd be looking at injecotrs would be £1.5k for a start. Then gearboxes arn't winners. What about a 1.9 VAG TDI engine 200hp is easy out of them with a remap on the 150's realy plus the gearbox is strong.

For that price since you've got a day to day car and if you live with the car then a track spec 172 engined Clio would be superb however spraying a normal one would probably be cheaper.

What about a kit car they'd be quicker for the same engine better still a stock dci etc engine would make for a cheap economical one with a nice power curve.
Forget the Monaro thats the popular easy option.

How about the white Mk2 sheel being totally gutted down to the last gram space framed and track speced?