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July Photography Competition - Silhouette


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A great number of good quality entries last month, thanks to all those who entered.

v15ben won with the following picture:


Congratulations to Ben, his chosen theme for July is:


This can be of anything whatsoever, as long as it is a silhouette. If you need any inspiration a search on flickr reveals a lot of useful images ;)

We will continue to vote at the end of a month, so competitions can start on the 1st of every month

So - Entries close on the 23rd July

The Rules:

- Post a maximum of 3 images at one time, you can come back with more pics if you have tried something different, but please stick to 3 pics max each time.

- You MUST flag one image as your entry, feel free to repost your chosen image towards the end of the comp with 'entry' above it, this will be placed into a new thread at the end of the alloted time for people to vote on. Only images with entry clearly written above or below it will be accepted.

- Try to keep posted images to a max of around 800px wide.

- No rules on photoshop use etc, but this is first and foremost a photography contest, not a photoshop contest.

- All images entered must be taken within this month.

- If you want to change your entry, you MUST PM me (jenic) before the closing date.

- If you haven't followed the above rules don't come moaning when your picture isn't in the voting thread.

The Winner will choose the next subject for June and win a special goody bag!

Good luck !!
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Theres a name for that but I'm not sure it's silhouette. I may give this a go this month.

I'm gonna remember that name completely out of the blue tomorrow I can tell lol

Looks like really bad light painting with a bit of 8-bit thrown in... :s

Martins dosnt seems very silhouette to me either... more ghost like

From wiki: A silhouette is the image of a person, an object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, its edges matching the outline of the subject.
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Ah had a perfect one for this a few months back:


Will have a think!
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A pic of my girlfriend jumping at Camber Sands during a sunset!


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