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Just bought a PC! Need Help!!

  Golf R32 & 172 CUP
Hi Guys,

Not posted for a while as the Clio has been replaced, But i do need some help!!

Bought a PC and just dont have a clue what products i need to use with it?? ive got all the megs stuff that i have applied by hand in the past. but do i use these wirth the PC.

Also i use step 1,2 then NXT - these usable with a PC

Bottom line what do i need to get to use with the PC that i dont already have?

Any help tip etc on what pads to use with what would be very much appreciated!

  106 GTi
All useable by PC.

Stage 1 Polishing Pad
Stage 2 Finishing Pad
NXT Finishing Pad

Ideally you will need some better polishes to do succesfull paint correction. There are loads to choose from. For the beginner the Poorboys SSR range of polishes are the easyist to use, where as the Menzerna range seems to produce the best results for me.
  Mito Sportiva 135
Easy Pete, hows the R32? You will be pleased to know that the 172 is looking even minter than when you sold it to me! Just had to fork out for a years roadtax but still loving it! Got sat nav and a nice Sony headunit with iPod integration installed now too, its going well!
  Golf R32 & 172 CUP
Hi Tom,

Yer the R32 is going really well, love it to bits! just want to get the paint work to the best i can with this device ;)

Glad to hear me old 172 is going well and your looking after her! will have to fire over some pics sometime!