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Just got a 172... better than my Type R...

  Clio 172

This is my first post on this forum as I'm usually found on the type R forum! I used to own a Civic Type R and loved it to bits. Not too long ago I had to sell it due to a company car, then changed jobs and purchased my first Renault (a Kangoo!), which I sold and have just purchased a MK1 Clio 172 off Aaronc who I believe is a prominent memer on here?

Anyway, I have to say I absolutely love the 172 and am really shocked to be writing this as I've always been such a Type R advocate! To have REAL steering feel, perfectly weighted, a lower driving position and a level of suppleness to the suspension that would have a Type R skipping off into the nearest hedge, is a revalation!

I took the car for my first real drive tonight and was suprised by the immediacy of the turn-in, the amount of detail coming back through the steering and the instant acceleration rather than the wait...wait...wait...woah! like you get in the Type R.

Yes the gearbox leaves something to be desired next to the Type R's, but its nowhere near as bad as I was led to believe and has a nice positive shift action. The clutch is a bit of a let down as I don't find it very progressive and I think it will get tiring in stop-start traffic, but when you're up to speed I don't notice it.

I also love the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' looks of the thing! I used to find everything trying to race me or push me along in the Type R (didn't help it being red I guess, or having a rather loud magnex exhaust/quickshift induction kit) and I suppose its a little early to see if I'll be left alone a little more in the Clio.

I'd say that up to about 100 the performance is exactly the same as the type R, but thereafter the Type R used to get really into its stride whereas the Clio begins to get a bit breathless. That's not such a bad thing as the Clio makes up for having real shove where you need it - 30-90 mph.

Overall, I'm really impressed and am rapidly becoming a converted member of the Clio fan club (can't belive I'd ever say that)!!

Let's hope the reliability is somewhere near as good as my faultless Type r was... ;)

  MKIII 138
hi mate, nice read and knowone can doubt otherwise having moved from type-r any plans for mods ? + pics m8


Nice to read comments made by someone who has swapped that way round.

Those are pretty much the reasons I went Clio and not Type R on two occasions.

Fingers crossed with the reliability. Aaron looks after his cars so you'll have certainly bought a good one.

Welcome to Cliosport.
  Nimbus Clio 197
"a lower driving position"

are you sure this isnt a wind up!? lol

welcome anyway mate, the 172's are brilliant. i really miss my Cup :(
  Clio 172
Hi and thanks for the replies. I know that the driving position in the 172 isn't that low, but compared to the Type R, it feels a lot lower! Having owned both the Type R and now the 172, I don't think you could complain whichever car you end up with - both are fantastic and offer a 'back to basics' character in that there are few/no electronic safety nets to get in the way and spoil things... although the Type R really could do with a limited slip diff and traction control - just nick the diff of the current Integra....

... now that's a car I'd swap a 172 and/or a Type R for!

As far as mods go, it came from Aaron with a K&N and stainless exhaust (cat back). I'll have to have a read on here to see what other people have done and what results/reviews you've all had.

The tuning parts for the Type R were generally sourced from the States (HKS, Greddy, etc.) or Japan (Mugen, etc.) and were expensive - although the quality was amazing!

One area that I feel both Honda and Renault have got right is putting on a decent set of stoppers, which is more than I can say of a lot of the competition - Golf GTi seems to fade far to easily IMO.

I'd say my 172 is on a par with my old Racing Puma for feel and handling.



I think for value you can fault a MK1 172 atm. Reliability will be pot luck. Might be worth changing the clutch cable, with you finding it stiff, although they do tend to be stiff by nature. The reason the tuning mods are expensive is that the they give good gains, were as the clio mods are little harder to quanitfy and vary car to car.
  Renault Clio 172 Ph2
Hi, i been 182 - type r - ph1 172. i dont personally agree with driving posistion, i did find type r better, but agree with the rest!! good luck with it.
  172 cup
iv had 2 type r's and they are great cars, My first got nicked and the replacement from the insurance was a brand new premier one. After the first one got nicked i went off them. Here's a pic of the 2nd one

  Spec C 12.5@110 (345/355)
I bought a Type-R in 2003 to replace my 172. It didn't last long(6 months), it just couldn't live up to my 172. In terms of fun, it was no contest!!


ClioSport Club Member
I tested a type r just after buying the 172, it wasn't a bad car, just wasn't any better to drive imho esp after factoring in the price difference. Clio was 5700, Civic was 12000. And it didn't even have air con. And the seatbels were rusty. And the gear nob was fecked.
hehe I knew you'd enjoy it matey :D

Its taken a few years but Ive finally converted you :evil: