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just had my clio 172 mk1

Hello clio people

i just got my clio 172mk1 and joined the club iam well chuffed with the car its so nice to drive compaired to my last car a civic 1.6 vti, there are only a couple of things a bit iffy with the car, like the steering wheel has lost its alcantera covering and every wheel has been curb.
but i have a good friend who is service manager at renault and iam getting a new steering wheel under waranty and the alloy wheels are at the bodyshop getting sorted

I think this forum is great resource for clio owners i would just like to say keep up the good work no doubt i will be asking loads of stupid questions

thanks shorty

hi shorty i to have a clio 172 mk 1 welcome to the club where are you based? have you got anything planned for your car then.

firstly hi lofty the sorry about the delayed reply

yes the vti was a quick car and reliable to, it was a 99 t-reg honda civic coupe in black not bad the vetec was loud and was quite sluggish under

and now hello to craigy172
i live in wales
i dont know what to do with the car, i think i just want to keep it standard and in mint condition there are a load of people with mk2 172 where i live
so mine stands out "nice" i was thinking about a induction kit have you fitted one and what does it sound like
also i found a wicked security device that us clio owners might use
it was in an advert in the back or the subaru owners club mag
it goes through the tunnel where the gear box is and locks all the gears so you cant drive it at all i looks well cool and if its good enough for the scooby owners it should good for us i will find out more with pics and contact numbers
who knows we could get discount if bought in bulk

cheers peeps se ya later


cheer Dan K

yes the mk1 do seem to have a mean look about them i love the car it well cool and you get loads of people looking at it

mines titainium silver if i have spelt it correctly, i worked for renault for 5yrs in the bodyshop dept and i know they stopped using this colour and changed it to iceberg silver i think renault had a problem with titainium silver but i checked mine all over an its spotless
at the moment its having the door strips colour coded, i hate it when you get polish on the door strips

anyway cheers mate


Hi Shorty,

Im a relatively new Clio 172 Mk1 owner 2 and am also very pleased with my car! I had the door strips and door handles colour coded last weekend to stop getting polis on them & id seen quite a few pics that made em look better! unfortunally the idiots at the garage decided to use the wrong colour silver so needless to say its having to be redone this weekend! It doesnt look too bad really but u can deff tell its the wrong colour. Id heard a lot of good things about this bodywork shop as well so i was well annoyed when i got it back, i guess they were having a bad day!

Ive also put some 17" BK eclipse wheels on it which look very nice.
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Hey Shorty!

Ive just got my Clio 172 a couple of months ago, haven driven Clios all my driving life going from a 1.2 Club Med to a 1.4 Alize and now my 172, can honestly say that my driving life has got sooooooooooooo much more fun :D Finally struck home, when I was without it for nearly two weeks due to a dodgy gearbox - not my fault!!! being put into a 52 plate 1.2 was horrendous, felt like I would have to get out and push a few times!!People are starting to take bets on when I get my first points now as have turned into a bit of a speed demon (only in the right places thou, honest ;)).

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WTF???????? Is this the same person? Apparently in aonther post hes "Well chuffed with the car" and "my mates service manager at Renault".

Hmm, i smell a rat.

he also said to me hed love a 172, then a day later he was posting pics and telling me he wanted to change the spark plugs:confused:
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it is the same person.

i took the liberty of searching his earlier posts to see if he has just turned into a nob recently, or if hes always been like that.