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just had some fun with a P1 Impreza

  mk2 172

went to pick our lass up earlier but got there 15mins too early so i went on the hunt, had already saw this p1 cruising around with two mid 20s guys lingering around in it so in the words of 172 slayer it warmed the cockles of my heart when i ended up side by side at a roundabout, i shot off to let him know i wanted a play he gave chase and started to home in on me, we then proceeded to have loadsa little races from roundabout to roundabout where him being a nice chap let me go first then stuck his foot down and gave chase, i wasnt doin to bad either, got a wheel off the floor too and had some serious understeer and screeches off some roundabouts, then we came to a roundabout with a big straight after it which i wasnt looking forward to to much but he backed off a bit to let me get going first and i did quite well actually til he came blurting past, i waved and so did they, good bit of fun, glad he wasnt trying too much tho!, they sure do sound mean

  mk2 172

i ended up being late, just been out again and saw that scooby again, was goin the other way though i pipped my horn, me thinks someone in donny has just got a new toy and been cruising arond in it or summat!
  320d M Sport

AInt it funny how you always see these cars when youre picking youre bird up or summat??? Always happens to me that too, good show Craggy...


My girlfriend literally cries if I take the car over 4000rpm (when the induction noise changes and it starts to howl ). So no racing for me when shes around!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Pilles - Im from Bedford and my mate had a P1 in MK, though he recently stacked it after moving up from a standard Scooby Turbo.

Geoff, your mates name isnt Dave perchance?

The STi is a handful compared to the UK scoob, with more rear wheel bias, especially if you play about with the diff. But then again, I think the P1 doesnt have the adjustable centre diff?

Nice cars though, cant fault them.
  Silver Fabia vRS

No its Giles. Those P1s are quick.....I had a play with one on the A3 today but he pulled away in every gear but I caught him up when he could stuck behind traffic!

the P1 is based on an STi5 type R which normally come with no ABS and a center diff controller, these on the other hand didnt, you get all the good bits except crappy a/c which is fitted into the normal uk cars and not the climate control you get in the STis, but the do handle extremely well (just dont lift off mid corner!!!)