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Just had some real fun in an Audi A2!

Of all cars!

My dads A6 is in for a service so we got a brand spanking new A2 with all the trimmings and only 3,000 on the clock.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, the build quality is classic Audi and the gear change was especially impressive. Quite nippy too for a 1.4 due to the aluminium body no doubt.

Anyway I am pleased to report that we gave it some serious abuse. Every set of lights was met with full on standing starts. Went something like this, hold revs at 3,000-4,000 rpm dump clutch and wheel spin away, hit limiter, change up and repeat.

great fun :)

PS - They dont look half as bad in the flesh as they do in magazine pics. Especially with chunky alloys and spot lights etc.

I love them, did they have the 17" alloys same style that audi have on the TT and RS4 or were they the chunky 6 spoke 16"s, either way its a very well made car and has got plenty of room inside. If I was starting a family I would get one over a A-Class by far. 9/10