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Just hit 74000 and my car has become poorly!


My car seems very ill at the mo the garage ive been using are absolute sh*te, so its going in to a recommended garage lets just hope there good with renaults!!
.There ie this strange rattling noise coming from the front,
.Oil temp gauge dont work,
.Wheel beraings need doing( they have already been done once buy the garage under warranty a month ago, im just gonna pay for them now.)
.Petrol needle sticks,
.Just this morning when i pull away and turn the wheel, only sometimes theres this sort of rough scraping noise!
.Water has started getting some how (it comes through where the switch for the sunroof is)!!
.Indicator has gone crazy(doesnt appear to be bulbs)
.Also the body work is getting tatty but will be next thing to do after mechanical stuff.....
What else can i expect to happen with this amount of miles gone? its going in on wednesday so what else could i ask them to check out whilst they have got it?
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Probably been changed already but worth a check.

Check everything. Clutch, oil, gearbox oil, fuel filter, dampers springs, cv joints and boots. Battery, alternator, power steeering pipes and pump.

Everything, it will all go in the end, just a question of when!!

alternator, mine just went this week
power steering pump
starter motor
engine mounts
these are the big jobs

get the bearings changed again under warranty if they are dont pay if there covered

sticking needle is either faulty sensor,or lose wire. you got aftermarket dials or not

oil temp if prob lose or dirty conectors mine did not use to work either till i cleaned them

have you got 17s
cant thinkof the scrapping noise

water where sunroof is i had this prob too

mine was not the roff itself but the aerial. it was lose and leaked through here, take it off put some silicone on it then tighten up again

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74,000 is nothing if its well maintained and looked after. As has been said, make sure the belts been changed.


I had the cambelt done at 70000 so thats ok had power steering pump changed coz that was under warranty. I refuse to go back to that garage anymore it takes them a week to fix something even then it has to go back in coz it fails. It took them 10 days to fit the wrong coil springs on my car as far as im concerned they made my car like this!!!!!!!! You say about the clutch, when im releasing it, it feels really creaky any ideas was told it could be cable but it still works ok just feels as if simething neds lubing up!! the arial on my car is not loose so it cant be that......


Just ahead of you, I have an M plate valver with 81k on it. Since getting it a year and a bit ago with 69k the following is had to be done
New gearbox and engine mounts
New pads and discs front and rear
Water leaking from sunroof switch (although it seems to have stopped without me doing anything).
Full service including coolant and gearbox oil change.

The following will have to be looked at:
Knocking from front
loud steering pump
Needs wheel bearings
stone chips (unavoidable with front profile of these cars)
backarch and 3/4 post need a little attension
cat is finished, and rest of exhaust aint far behind
drivers side electric side mirror aint moving


Hope this helps since my car is 10000 miles further down the line than yours.

Ps: engines go on for ages, if it doesnt snap a belt and is treated to good oil and coolant servicing

Alex M

is your clutch heavy!!!! and does it slip or not. i changed mine just in case but if you do you best get a willy one. much tougher, handles more power and can take more standing starts.70 k is about right for a clutch change but it really does depend on the abuse the car has been given

the cables does not show sign of going it just goes. some say its hard so say its easy just have it done anyway wont do you know hard. mine went all of a sudden and took a sh*ttiy garage 2 weeks and the still f***ed it up not fitting it properely. get it done properely or you will break something else


My valver has just passed 70k too!
So on the subject of cambelts, how much should i be looking to pay for a cambelt and change/or full the full 72k service??


dont get your cambelt done at ren they told me about 300 squid my clutch when released slowely just creaks dont feel to bad

my valver is currently @ 55k, ive added 12k of miles since ownership (43k when i bought it) and not had 1 issue in this time!! (touch wood). however when she hits 72k i think ill take it to hillpower for cam belt change, and ill also have the clutch and mounts changed too..

i do alot of motorway driving so i feel my clutch should hold out until 72k easy.. i dont drive her that hard

the issues that have been spoken about as above are expected really on a car of its age and mileage....

my theory is... look after your valver.. in turn it will look after you