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Just Picked Up My Ph1 172

  PH1 V6
Hi Guys,

As some of you may know i collected my first 172 only two ours ago after trading my existing car in against it.

well what can i say other than HOLY S**T does it go! get to about 4k rpm and it pulls really well.

The car is completely standard and has just had a £1400 service on it before i bought it which inluded cambelt, auxilary belt, new discs and pads, all filters etc, two new shocks and tyres.

Im so pleased its such a nice car the i am so lucky that i have found one with an interior that is in next to perfect condition, it looks as if no one has ever sat in it (other than the steering wheel which is worn out).

Anyway i shall upload a few pics tomorrow once i have finnished fiddling around etc. Only thing that is slightly wrong is the exhuast around the cat area is a bit "raspy" at certain revs and i think it will not be too long before it needs a new cat.

Just wanted to share my excitement with you all lol
Great feeling getting a new car isnt it. I was blown away but how quick my 172 was when I first got it.

I'm a bit gutted now it doesn't feel as quick as it used to :( Untill you look at the speedo and you realise you are actually going pretty quickly.

I've had mine two months and am almost ashamed to say i've not had it on any decent driving roads yet. I didn't get chance the first month and now the weather isnt up to much.
Awesome feeling the first time you plant your foot, I know the feeling :D

What did you trade in for it?
  PH1 V6
yeah the buzz is intense! i traded in a 1.6 dynamique (only had it for 5 months... bored of it!). my previous thread explains all.

A little bit about me though... i used to be on the 106owners forum and had a quiksilver which i spent ALOT of money on getting it up to scratch and taking it to meets. was a great car to drive, looked the nuts as i kept it fairly standard looking but with coilovers, induction kit, 4-2-1 manifold, straight through decat exhuast, remmaped and cammed. was brilliant but this is the next step up and i cant wait to see what i can get out of this given some time