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Just Raced My Brother’s R5 GTT....


....and lost......bur only just!

First of all, my brothers car has an full Scorpian exhuast & GT Tuning air filter, and has been tuned by Roland @ GT Tuning and is running a proven 135+BHP.

Mine is err.....standard!

Came off this big roundabout, and onto to a nice bit of staight road up a slight hill (8-10%). Had it in 2nd off the roundabout with my brother less than a car length behind me, blasted it up the hill, getting up to about 6.8K before slamming it into 3rd, now with my brother on my outside rear quarter panel! Hit the top off the hill at about 6.5K with my brother perfectly level!

Really good race (had a few other little races, but that was the best) and always knew his car was faster (acceleration wise) than mine, but was glad I wasnt too far behind!

I raced a standard one and beat it. Was pretty close to 70 then pulled away quite nicely

well done any way
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Id like to race a 16v in my 5............ Althoguh its going on Saturday - I decided to go for the Dimma!