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K-tec exhaust sound :-)

No piccies yet, but looks just the same as the one that was on their car @ Trax a while ago, Im suree someone posted them on here.

Nice...hehe. I´m waiting for mine to arrive. Ordered it 14days ago...zzz Maybe the ship taking it from uk to Sweden takes a trip to OZ before it comes here... I hate to wait for things you really look forward to.

Yeah Daipac, thats they baby!

For those people that dont want it that loud, K-tec are going to be producing a replacement centre pipe with a 4" silencer, should calm it down a bit.

matey, that is sooo nice! I like the burbley pop noise, very WRC. (was that any sort of description?! burbley pop?!)

That a viper and zorst or just zorst?

tres bien mon amie.


Got my exhaust today and fitted it by my self. All i can say is Great sound.

I have the oval 5x3" tailpipe, a bit quiter then the twin round. I just had to take the car for an hour long rag and toast a couple of boyracers..:)

Thank you K-Tec



  Shiny red R32

Try sending an e-mail to Trevor or David <A class=aolmailheader href= "">U and they will send you a picture.