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K-Tec: K8 exhaust & quickshift T&T

Just thought I’d share a couple of K-Tec mods with you that I can recommend, for those who might be interested in buying.

I recently got fitted out with a cat back KTR Power System exhaust (one of the new K8’s - 3.5" straight cut tailpipe with removable baffle). With the baffle fitted it is louder than my old Scorpion exhaust, and without it the noise increases by around 50%…so it’s loud! Highly recommended. [Nb. Its very simple to remove and refit the baffle, using the nut shown in the picture below.]

£210.00+VAT (excluding 5% ClioSport discount) -

I also highly recommended a K-Tec (B&M) quick shift gear lever. It does exactly what it claims…dramatically reduces the travel of the lever and gives the gear change a much more precise feel. And reverse

£139+VAT (excluding 5% ClioSport discount) -

And I cannot praise K-Tec enough. They are very friendly and very helpful, and offer great products and service. Call David on: 01202 855020