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K-Tec mild steel system. How much noiser than the factory is it?

  MK2 Escort, Clio 172
Looking at fitting one to the 172FF I've just bought as the current one is a bit loud for my tastes. The k-tec stealth one in mild steal looks like a good buy and video on their website looks usefull, but is it any noisier than the factory one?
  Stripped yozza'd cup
It weighs about as much as my car.
I'm guessing it's about as loud as my stainless steel version, in which case, yes. It's quite a lot louder than standard.

If you want a quitet stealth, buy a yozza.
  172 cup
It's not to loud, slightly intrusive at 70mph + but not as bad as some- if your stripped out it's a nightmare.

I wouldn't recomend the system though, it's a heavy b**ch which hangs a bit low unless you modify your mounts - which it will kill rapidly!
Their site says the non sport version is 84db so id imagine its around that but probably a bit louder.

As for weight (taken from the stainless version)
Standard exhaust system weighs 14kg, KTR Stealth Sports exhaust system weighs 12.4kg, Supersports version weighs 9.9kg.