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Im thinking of buying some K-Tec products for my Cup.

Exhaust system de cat and induction kit.

They promise good gains but will thi effect my warranty with Renault?

Do you think they will spoil the drivabilty of the car by pushing the power further up the rev range?

How loud is the exhaust?


all the dealers have different opinions of what voids the waranty! i would just do mods that were easily removed should there be a waranty issue!
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My dealer voids the warranty of any part of the car, that a mod is connected to.

Some overlook, but some really go by the book. When there is a major fault they dont cast a blind eye though.

I think someone on the EVO forum mentioned early this year. There should be a Group N Exhaust system and a Group N ECU upgrade!
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I phoned R-Sport and they said a brochure will be ready by the end of this month. The modification list is ready, but the prices are still being discussed.


Hey Frosty!

Nice to see someones actually has found out useful info for once - just as I though the mods are being prepared with prices as we speak! (for all those who doubted - spin) Can i have R-Sports number mate

I phoned R-Sport the other week. The ECU is ready and available and I was told is 200 notes. It is a direct replacement, not a chip upgrade or piggyback system. The bloke said it removed the flat spot at the bottom of the rev range, improved fuel consumption and gave more power. He mentioned 20% but I find that pretty hard to believe. Would like to see some figures. They reckoned that any Renault dealership should be able to fit the ECU. Oh and it is Renault approved. The bloke I spoke to said that things have taken longer than first expected because they have had to go for Renault approval. He was a bit vague about what other mods they had up their sleeve though.

If its available Im going to have to order one! Have you got the number you called so that I can get one?



Just phoned R-sport and they have told me the ECU has been fitted but its NOT for sale yet? Ive got to phone back at midday to speak to the manager who will know more?

The rest of the stuff is definately not available yet as the ECU is the first thing they are doing.

Hope that clears up some things about the mods.

Ill let everyone know what this "boss" says at lunchtime.


Well heres the final results.

The ECU is developed but they are waiting for final approval from Renault before he would sell me one as I asked to buy one there and then. Shouldnt be a problem he said as a renault rep is testing the car they have fitted it onto! Going to be £200+Vat and he asked me to call him back in two weeks (ish) and he should have one for me.

Nice chap who is not happy with the suspension on the Cup so hes trying to develop that as well as an exhaust but these are future modifications.

Hope that clears things up


The guywho sold me my cup was sent the R-sport ECU and has it fitted to his Cup, he said it seems to give a big improvement in torque as well as adding 500 rpm to the rev limiter. He was quoted that it will give an extra 20 bhp, although that it obviosly debatable!

No website Im afraid. I think that 20Bhp is pushing it slightly! He said that it smoothes out the power curve and gives improved torque lower down where you need it. Hopefully will have mine before the Midland RR so it can be tested on power gains then!