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K4M powerflex dogbone mount?

  K4M ph2
Does such a thing exist? Been looking and all i can seem to find are the ones for 1*2's?

Any help appreciated.

  2004 Iceburg 172
I thought they were all the same (that being the reason they usually don't last as long on 1*2's). I'm sure that's what my mechanic told me (he's an ex-renualt main dealer mechanic)
  K4M ph2
i belive theres a difference between the ph1's and the ph2s, one being twisted, one being straight. i need to get under the car and have a look to see what mines like, also i believe the nonsport's have a squared end and the 1*2's have a rounded end. im still unsure whether the difference would effect if they could still fit though.