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K800i query

  A silver one
I received my K800i this morning and think it's pukka. I have got 1 problem though. I can't send picture or video messages?

After I've taken them and attempt to send them, they go straight into the Outbox, but don't send. If I then go on 'View Status' it says 'Queued'. Does anyone know how to get them out of the queue and sent?

pretty sure it also depends on your network and how its set up , contact your network provider as well
  A silver one
Thanks for the solutions, sarcastic or not :)

I didn't actually do any of those. I turned it on this morning when I got up and they both (pic and vid) sent themselves? Weird. Haven't had a problem since.

Video messaging on the other hand.......................... Do I need to ring o2 and have them activate that?