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Karcher K2.36 Pressure Washer - now £30 Clearance instore at Morrisons


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Still more than i paid for mine from tesco ;)

and looking at the pics mine came with more attachments, not that i use them


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Bargain that, I got one free with Tesco Insurance the other year.

My Karcher is a k5, nice 7m lance, canna be arsed dragging the pressure washer round the car with a 4M hose
  Mazda 3 MPS Mk1
im going to the MK one tomo to see if they have one, if there are a couple ill grab em!


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
i got one of these last year at b and q for £25, ok when working, used a handfull of times then it poured out with smoke and stopped. Karcher are just s**t now, thats my third karcher in 5 years.


ClioSport Club Member
Amazon... Niflisk c110/c120. Very cheap!

Niflisk > Karcher in most cases below £200. Karcher's have terrible reliabilty problems.


ClioSport Club Member
Yes, very very good. Also they smaller ones mostly come with decent pumps compared with the Karcher's cheaper style pump so the niflisk will last a lot longer and it has been proven.

Look on DW at the niflisk reviews and Karcher problems.
okay cheers mate i only want one so i can snow foam before washing so guess it doesnt need to be anything top notch power wise just want something reliable.
i do have an account on there but havent been on in months so i will have a look around again.


ClioSport Club Member
You had a Karcher?

Amazon also have a cracking price on the c120, the one with the reel on top is a stunning buy!
yeah lol thats why i want to know if its not very good for foaming il probably buy a more basic kit and a seperate foam lance. thanks


ClioSport Club Member
Mate don't go cheaper at £70 there's no other entry level PW you want.

Snow foaming is al about geting the bottle ratios correct and the bottle + and - correct the pressure washer just helps a little.

You need to mess around will the bottle first to get a good foam.
okay matey suppose you are right iv never ever tried foaming so cant expect a great foam on my first go anyway.
thanks again much appreciated :D