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Keyring Designing Boredom

  1.6 Ford Focus
Boredom took over and I was in the mood for graphics seeing as I have 4 other graphic design assignments going at college as well I thought I would make a new keyring.

It's for those little 30x50mm keyrings you can get for cheap, just print them out with a high quality printer... aka college printers and slide them into the keyring :D.

I can make more with different backgrounds or even separate Cup ones if anyone wants one. They are in CYMK and 300dpi ready for print if you have a good printer.


  • keyringweb.jpg
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ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
Renault and Clio look like they slope down to the right. Not bad otherwise.
  1.6 Ford Focus
They do very slightly, only by 1 pixel or so though. I couldn't get the Renault font so I just cut it from an image and worked on top of that.