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Killed VTR

There was a standard VTR up my arse last night after a night of cruising and it obviously wanted a race. So I tried my luck, dropped into third and just floored it. The VTR has no chance, he was miles behind. I slowed down then and he caught up flashing his lights. I was really quite surprised my car performed so "well". I knew it was nippy, but didnt think Id have a chance against a VTR. Oh, and my cars a 1.4 (originally a 1.2 so still with a 4 speed gearbox)
  H22A7 Accord Type R

hmmmmmmm it definately wont have been a 98bhp 2001+ vtr........the hammer the dynamique 1.4 16v
  H22A7 Accord Type R

did it have discs on the back or drums? could av been a west coast?? VTRs are bloody quickk motors! mind u urs should be nippy wi a 1.4 wi a 1.2 gearbox!
  320d M Sport

No disrespect but that must have been a West Coast (1.4), i had a VTR and saw off loads of other hatches, they really are nippy....


Yeah VTS, VTR and Westcoast are all very simliar body shapes, and so you can get caught out if you are not careful.

I have mashed many a HOT hatch trying it they are unaware of what I drive

Might not av bin a westcoast, ive ad a vtr from the lights b4 but then again, if you were already on the move id av thort the vtr would av ad his revs up and wasted you.

Depends on the driver a lot, might of bin a nob & not changed down!

having previosly owned a VTR i can say it is one of the quickest cars i have driven

when floored they pull very well up to 100mph, then tail off from there

if it was a westie (or even a badged up 1.1 with VT* arches) it wouldnt have a chance as the engines are very restricted, and produce about as much power as a hairdryer
  ff 182

Hi mate VTRs arent that fast believe me ask Ben hume i raced 1 and there aint that much of a difference.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

LOL BamBam...........A west coast has 75bhp and more torque than yours and my 1.2 16v!? I think it would be interestin betqween a westcoast and the 1.2 16v............anyone know???

remember. im only 20, have owned 5 cars (Escort 1.3, Uno Turbo, Fiesta 1.1, VTR, and the dynamique) the VTR obviously is one of the quickest because the others have got no power whatsoever (except the Uno TB)

the only main reason i bought the clio, was because the Saxo had grown long in the tooth, and i was beginning to get very bored of it (plus free insurance helped me make the decision)

in a race i think to 60, the westie may just win, the 8v engines seem to be very quick off the mark, in a 1/4 mile the 1.2 16v should just about win

Thats right - Smoothed Clios original shape 1.4 RT was neck and neck to 100 against a VTR. Nowt in it at all.

I doubt it was a VTR that was beaten by the 1.4 16v as although Id expect it to be close, I wouldnt expect a 1.4 16v to leave a VTR. Power to weight of the old 1.4 RT and new 1.4 16v will be similar.

VTRs weigh 920-950kgs. 90-110bhp.

Old Clio RT is about 850kgs. 75bhp.

New Clio 1.4 is 1050+kgs. 75 or 95bhp.

Cant be arsed with the sums, but suspect that the old 1.4 Clios PWR is closer to a 90bhp VTRs than is suggested.

the 1.2 16v Dynamique would be very close with a 1.4 saxo.. the 1.1 westie...haha no chance against the valver.

As for VTRs...well the 8 valve lump is good for low down torque but my 206 is slightly , and I say slightly , quicker to 100 than the VTR. ( 1.6 16v XSI ).

110 horses and 110 lb/ft against 98 horses , 100 ( lb .ft ?? ) with a similar power/weight ratio.

I personally dont think that it was a VTR that you raced mate, its very easier to make a Furio look like a vtr with some wheels and badging :)

Jeff XSi - there was no such car as a 1.1 Westie, the westie came with a 1.4 8v engine, there ws a 1.1 EastCoast, but came with standard arches
  H22A7 Accord Type R

spot on BamBam, i was gonna say the to say tho, It was my mates VTR who pulled away from a 1.4 dynamique.....he has a 2002 vtr, pipercross viper and magnex and it flies!!! Power to weight is the key in the saxos, but personally, i prefer the clio to live with day in day out :) would def be interesting between the west coast / furio saxo n clio the clio 1.2 certainly stop quicker than them!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I agree with the majority of people that it probably wasnt a vtr that got left miles behind by the 1.4 rt.

BUT, vtrs arent that fast, they feel fast when ur in them but compared to a slightly tuned old shape rt theres not much in it 0-60.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well ive had a few goes with em, beat a westcoast pretty easy, old VTR i still got beat by, but not much in it really, the new VTRs piss on me after 80, big style
  H22A7 Accord Type R

yeah my mate was in his vtr with one of his mates (2 up) i was in my 1.2 dynam. on my tod, kept him in sight for a bit but come 80ish he was off...........uphill and away........i was left with the white flag out of the window!! lol

Going alittle off topic, for what VTRS are they are top value.

Disc brakes all round, great suspension and a cracking 8v lump and cheap cheap insurance. Very similar to the VTS, but with a 6V instead of 16v engine. Saxos are the best selling small car, and that must be because they are the best value for money...
  H22A7 Accord Type R

they r a hoot to drive! but i wanted something with a bit more toys and comfort, hence why i bought the dynamique......very good standard spec!

agreed with VTS dude, top value for a saxo vtr - the only thing that stopped me buying one was the cheap looking interior -sorry wasnt for me :( Even with the VTS, Id have a 106 gti with the leather/alcantara interior before the VTS - add to the fact that because of my age/ geographical location I cant take advantage of the free insurance
  Lionel Richie

My old 2000 1.4S clio (75bhp) kept up with my mates VTR in a straight line (he pulled about 1car away over a 1/4mile Bypass) Then my clio left it for dead on the brakes and round the roundabout. My new clio is definately faster than my old one (and ive got ABS this time round)

He wrote off his VTR (fell asleep at the wheel on the M6!!!) hes now got a 1.48V 75bhp saxo thing so ill give him a ring and sort something out!!!!!)

The VTRs 1.6 8v is a tough as a sh*t...

There are very few engines that will handle such massive percentage increases in power so easily!

There is a certain Supercharged 206 which has a same engine g/box as the VTR that has around 230bhp using totally standard engine internals which is used everyday and has so far covered over 15,000 miles

And even if they do go bang £350 gets you a whole new low mileage engine, and aroiund £150 for a new gearbox...

Which is one of the reasons supercharging a Saxo isnt as crazy as it might first sound :D

U guys on this forum really seem to like your Vtrs - to be fare they aint anything special - the VTS is a different matter, that car shifts but the Vtr aint that quick - ive seen quite a few cars beat aVtr including mine.
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raced the old VTR many times, same bloke, same black standard VTR. old style and its near enough dead heat, id only pull away by about an extra half a car over him and thats up to 105 then we slow down cos lack of road.

There nothing special other than the supercharged beast of one that killed absolutely me on my way to southend

VTRs are well good value for money, really grippy and amazing turn in if a little loose at the back but loads of fun. My mate nearly cried when I raced him off some lights though. The Supercharger is on the way...

I have the 1.2 16v Dynam and @ Crail raced the West and East Coasts and the VTR.

Off the line I beat all of them to 60ft, even the VTR!

I murdered the East Coast, drew 2 each with the West Coast (17s have no top end acceleration!) and the VTR left me with about a 3 car lead, at least.

Saying that though, on the way to the hotel later that night I managed to overtake the VTR on the country lanes and he eventually spun it trying to catch me, they may be quick but the back end on them is plain dangerous, Ive been in rwd cars that dont break as quickly as they do.

Clio is better specd, better to drive, and if u race a 1.4 vs a 1.4 the Clio will win every time. To be honest straight line speed has never intrested me,I prefer to take the twisties on and come out laughing:devilish:
  Lionel Richie

Its got pretty much the same set up as a 172 (track isnt as wide) but it hasnt got a hefty 2.0 lump up front!!!! I really want to set up a French hot hatch day round a track and shut all the Pugs and sh*treons up!!!!!!!

"Its got pretty much the same set up as a 172"

Its pretty much the same in which ways?

Different springs, therefore different dampers, and different track therefore totally different suspension geometry.

Of all the car magazines Ive read I have yet to have seen one that rates the 1.2 16V Clio Dynamique as a match for the VTR/S



ok ok matey your right

but no one is gonna beat your gmc monster if the saxo is so good why did you slap a bloody great air pump to your motor?

but the 1.2 is an underrated motor come to my house you can drive mine

£50 says your gonna have a big grin when you do



you gotta look at it like this

Saxo 1.1 vs Clio 1.2- Clio wins
(and it stops to have lunch during the race)

Saxo VTS vs Clio 1.616v- Saxo wins
Saxo VTR vs Clio 172 - Bye Bye little sax!!!

Im not expecting them to beat me... I havent mentioned my S/C in this thread...

Oh and the reason I put an air pump on my car was because i enjoy the look of utter disbelief on the drivers of so called sports cars as a small french hothatch sh*ts on them from a great height!

Hi this is my first post :)

Right. Enough of the introductions ;)

I think the idea the rear end of a Saxo is dangerous is a bit overstated.

Go into the corner at a sensible speed then increase the pace to balance understeer. But if you back off the throttle mid bend at speed, be ready with your lift off oversteer techniques ;)

In the right hands a car that has lift off oversteer will beat anything round bends, thats why the 205 1.9GTi and the Saxos had been designed to lift off. Its fun and "on the edge" and has the potential to give amazing results. Thats one reason why Saxos are popular because they dont "dial out the danger" and they really reward good driving.

On the flip side though, they can punish really bad driving ;)

If you want safe get a Zetec-S, although I cant comment on Clios having never driven one, Im looking foward to playing in a 172 as I have a lot of respect for those engines, oh and the willy :)