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Klarius/Ktec/Pure or custom exhaust recommendations? OEM+


ClioSport Club Member

I'd like a new exhaust as mine is blowing (172 Cup). So as I've read around the forum the go to options are...

1. Klarius cat back mild steel stealth £120
2. Ktec resonated stainless steel stealth £404
3. Pure motosport is the best reviewed however requires their cat to fit so £778 (not dissimilar to Ktec with cat)

However I want to keep sprinting/hillclimbing in standard class so should really be OEM or pattern, inc cat. OEM are NLA and made of cheese anyway so next thought was get a custom stainless cat back made?

So does anyone have any recommendations for custom exhaust place (near Sheffield ideally but can travel)

Final thought was does anyone think there would be a future market for an OEM like 172 stainless stealth exhaust? Would there be enough interest for custom builder to build 10/20+ or is it too much of a niche, 90% people covered by Ktec/Pure.


ClioSport Club Member
I had a Klarius system from ECP on my 172 Cup. I fitted as it had a Ktec Super Sport Stealth when I bought it and it was loud enough to wake the dead. It was bloody awful.

The Klarius was ok. Seemed to fit alright, but the centre silencer had to be replaced fairly quickly, as it started rattling. That being said, the replacement was fine for 3 years, so I think I just got a bad one.

It was quiet, which I kind of liked as, at the time, I was doing quite a lot of miles. I had a fatty induction kit which made plenty of noise when you wanted it.