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Knocking noise when turning.

  Clio extreme 1.2
Right, im hoping someone can help me out here..

When i go round a corner/island at a particular position i get a horrible knocking noise :/
I think it maybe something to do with a ball joint ? But not too sure !
its doing my head in now lol

Any ideas ?:dapprove::dapprove:
  Renaultsport 172
I have the same issue. Car went in for an MOT recently and they replaced the ns ball joint (the side the noise was coming from) but it didn't fix the knocking. Might be a driveshaft/cv joint that needs replacing.
  Clio extreme 1.2
Hmm :/ yeah someone else has mentioned a cv joint to me before ill take it to a garage soon see what they say
thanks for your help though mate