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knocking under acceleration....

...does anybody else get this with their 172/cups? not sure if its a fault or just a trait. im not usually one for nailing the throttle from standstill in the wet but the other day i got goaded into it from the lights by some knob playing the pull out right in front of you doing 20 mph, then want a race from the next set of lights sure youve all seen it, and it was a mini cab.

it was a slippery road and he edged forward before nailing it. i pulled away calmaly in first, then floored it in second. although i outdragged the knob easily (toyota carina or some sh*t like that) there was a kind of bouncing/knocking noise from the suspension which took me back to my mk 2 fiesta popular days. anyone know what this is?? sounds really unhealthy...


yeah i get that when accelerating through long corners. I had the dealer look at it, they said its cos its stiff suspension...Seems to stop as i straighten the wheels

mine also knocks when cornering hard left or right, I noted that EVOs fast fleet Cup does it also...


ClioSport Club Member
  EV (s)

i think its a clio thing mine does that too and its not a cup

Okay, seeing as I know nothing and here just to piss you 172ers off, but Ill give you the answer your all looking for!

Its your torque bar, I was surprised myself when I heard this noise (like your ABS kicking in but a lot louder) when giving it some welly. Apparantly its a safety feature (I even got the Renault dealer to show me this on the ramp as I didnt believe him). It stops damage to the gearbox and engine when the car loses traction, it also does it (on mine) when accelerating hard through corners.

When I took it to Reno they couldnt find any thing wrong with the car. I hate it. It sounds like the cars gonna fall apart

I dont understand why it happens soooooo much as well, through corners also. Surely you shouldnt be losing so much traction so much of the time.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well my Beetle does that when I spin the back wheels off the line! Most cars make a bloody racket of some sort if you cane them. Thats why I dont do wheelspins in the Clio...

if its the same as my knocking noise, it was in fact something completely different..

try a loose engine mount which was allowing the engine to move back and forth more than it should and was therefore whacking the exhaust manifold against the subframe / steering rack...... !!!!
  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Pugboy,

Havent experienced this yet with the 172 probably due to the ESP/TC. My 2001 1.6 16V dyn + used to do this often when it was wet, even in a straight line. I reckon it was front wheel bounce (similar to axle tramp I used to get on my old MKI Escort - sh**te showing my age here!) when one of the wheels lets go through the diff. Incidently, both the 1.6 dyna and 172 suspension has a "crashing/knocking" noise if you sharp turn into a bumpy junction. Reckon it is due to the harder suspension/strut mounts/spring seat bounce. Hope this helps.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Listen to VR6man. Both him and I have had this problem along with Forest and now you guys also. My car was particularly bad as i give it beans off the line all the time, and still do. It used to knock, graunch, bang, sound like the metal was stretching crunching - in first, second, sometimes third gear! etc etc until i took it to SMC Renault Woking (EVO mag take their V6 there) and they fixed it straight away, no problems. Its an engine mount underneath where the battery is - it is loose and needs tightening/re-housing or something. Since it was fixed there mine has NEVER banged again and i thrash my car constantly......

If your local garage can not fix it, get them to ring the service department at SMC Renault Woking and theyl advise how to fix it: 01483 720322 - i know that number off by heart, how bad is that!!? Good luck with your fix.

You guys shouldnt have to live with this awful noise, it can be sorted out.....

Thanks for the info on that, ill get mine checked out. Seems dodgy having a loose engine mount on a car thats a month old! Although the rattles have started appearing already...

Mines caused by my pet gerbils which live under the wheelarches of my 1600 but I fixed it by putting loads of fresh hay from a local farmers field up there with them - u should see them climbing up and down the suspension and springs - its great...........

No knocking noises on either of me motors except when I bounce the limiter but thats a nice noise at 7500RPM in the 1600 and 7250 in the