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Ktec racing

  Clio 172 Cup
You will notice a difference low down and mid range depending on modifications on your car I gained a great figure torque wise and from low down the car just responds it’s a noticeable difference from standard where it feels flat initially
  Clio 172 Cup
A good map will change that after all we do a lot of driving round town ect and it’s nice to feel responsive low down in the revs
  Clio 172 ph1
So all this has got me wanting to get an RSTuner, what in every day driving will I notice as a difference for my £90‐100?

Better throttle response.... I wouldnt say it adds much bhp, but makes the car feel so much more eager. Smooths out the rev range so nicer to drive when not putting your foot down. Also improved mpg.... I'm a bit on the fence on how much really.

But I have done most common mods to a 172, RARB (whiteline and PMS), induction kit, matched inlets, exhaust, sports cat etc. Would say the RS Tuner is the best value mod you can do.


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  ph1 172, Arctic182
I think my reservations have always been the stories about Henk being a bit of a s**t to deal with


ClioSport Club Member
Yea unless you're happy to just stick the map on as is and not need anything else then avoid the RS Tuner and Henk.

It's totally fine for a standard 1*2, just stick the 98 Ron map on and you're done.


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  182 + 330d
For a standard or near standard car I wouldnt personally waste money on a custom map, just get an RSTuner, yes its a generic map but having run it on all of my old near standard 1*2's its more than good enough, its not like a custom map is going to give you alot more for your money, tuning 1*2's is a money pit at the best of times.


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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Wether it was the engine or not. But the last clio with an efi map was the best result imo.

Atleast this way efi etc will know how the car runs etc. I appreciate it's not always convenient.
  BMW M2-Clio RS-M235i
I think my reservations have always been the stories about Henk being a bit of a s**t to deal with

I disagree here. He was a great help with my car and mapping it. I've been in conversation with him over the past two months on an issue with cam timing that he helped me ID. I wouldn't have know without his careful and diligent work, even for the base 98RON cal. Great value IMHO.