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KTR stealth exhaust advice

  R35 GT-R, 172 Cup
Hi all, new to the Clio Sport and this forum. Only joined last week as you can see here....

Really enjoying the motor which has really made my daily drive much more lively ; ) only prob I have is the exhaust is on the extreme side. Can't believe I've said that as I've always liked a loud exhaust. Must be getting old lol.

When 'on it' and making progress it's such a laugh especially when heel n toeing and listening to it blip. BUT I'm worried I won't be able to get on track and that's one of the reasons I bought the car, daily driver and track toy.

So I'm after some advice from the pros.

I've got the original exhaust as the previous owner was kind enough to chuck that in the deal. So I can swap the whole thing or I can go on the hunt for a ktr silenced centre section (currently running what appears to be the super sport exhaust I.e. Straight centre section). What I need to know is, will adding a silenced centre section bring the noise level down enough for track and to stop every body turning round at the slightest throttle flex lol?

Also, does the original centre section (172 Cup) fit the rear ktr back box, thus retaining some of the ktr until I decide what to do?

If neither of the above work to bring the noise level down then I'll stick the original exhaust back on so I can get on track and will take any advice on what's the best exhaust option.

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
I found the system pretty quiet with the cat still in place and the centre silencer.

I replaced the centre silencer with a smaller one and fitted a decat, it's louder but still not that loud.

I also found that a proper tail pipe is quieter in the car than a stealth system.


ClioSport Moderator
I had the KTR stealth exhaust (full inc silenced centre section) and found it pretty loud. Its 20% louder than standard. Ive never heard the super sport mind. I do miss that exhaust. It was fine for town driving, not too loud or droney and then when you felt like being loud and gunned it through a tunnel it would roar quite loudly.
I wouldnt recommend getting the mild steel version of this exhaust as it only lasted 1.5 years for me.
  R35 GT-R, 172 Cup
Cheers fellas. It's currently cat back stainless with unsilenced centre section and is very loud. Hilarious when on it but I think it will be too loud for track, one of the main reasons I bought the car.

I haven't been under it yet to check pipe diameter or where the joints are but do any of you know whether the standard centre section will mate up to the rear section of the ktec? That way I could just chuck the standard centre box on for now until I decide what to do.

Out to have a play in a mo to get to know it better ; )
  172 cup
Hi James, glad your still liking it, I would have thought that it would be just over the 100db mark, to answer your question the standard center pipe won't match with ktec backbox.
  R35 GT-R, 172 Cup
Cheers mate. Is that just over 100 with a silenced centre section or in its current state I.e. Straight pipe?

Think I'll just buy a silence centre section when funds allow. Kind of cleared out at the mo lol.

Hope your liking the Civic mate
  R35 GT-R, 172 Cup
Just read the FAQ sheet on their site. They reckon it's 85 db on the static test at 4.5k. If that's the case it should be fine for trackdays but I'm a little sceptical because it appears louder than my GT-R and that's on the limit of most trackdays.
I'll get the silenced section when funds allow and all should be good. Now for a steering wheel,and a hack job on the inner arch liners ; )
  172 cup
No problem mate, don't hold yourself to ktec stats, not many vouch for them for stats/ mapping etc but make good gear. May be worth picking up a db reader just to be sure i think there cheep
  R35 GT-R, 172 Cup
Yeah good idea mate, had already thought of downloading an app for the phone. May give a rough idea.