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Laptop install

  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!

i wanna stick my laptop in my dashboard, does anyone know if i can put it in the space where the silver plastic strip is, so i can slide it back into the dash, i need to kno if it can fit between the airbag and above the glove box.


ClioSport Club Member

sorry i cant help you with your question but this i would REALLY love to see when its done.

suppose everything is possible if you know how though, if i put my hand up through the hole where the glove box light should be it just feels like an empty space... so its possible id say.
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!

no not if i can help it. im hoping to get it to slide out and get some power to the back of it. so i should be able to be connected to the net whilst driving, imagine donnington park webcam from onboard!!
  A red missile

Id be interested to see if that could be done, ive got a laptop small enough to go into that space, hmmmmmm 60gigs of mobile filth, excellent.
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!


the possibilities are endless, i need pics of the dashboard with the top removed on a mk2, should give me some idea of where the airbag is sitting.

if it was me id build a mini itx system fit it under my seat, with the screen fitted in to a factory sat nav dash. I dont think that there is enough room to fit a laptop without removeing the air bag.
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Ive been under the dash you will definately have to remove the airbag. As someone commented above there is a gap behind the light but its about the size of a fist and not very long. You will be able to fit your laptop in it if you put it through a crusher first.

The gap under/behind the glove box seems a nice sized hole for it though but I can see you needing a rather elaborate harnes to fold it out from there

I guess it could be done, but you would need to lose the airbag. The airbag cover part of the dash cover is fixed in place by the 3 screw holes in the yellow bit - if you removed that bit you wouldnt have anything to secure it to. If the cover isnt secure and the airbag goes off then it probably wont exit through the cover as designed - it will probably rip off the dash cover and fire it at the passenger - not good.