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Last Nights Racing Event 172 vs....... :( help please

Nissan GTI R Pulsar!

On the usual stretch of dual and single carriage ways i saw this Pulsar hanging out (literally) on the roundabout so i thought id have a play

Long story short I would always loose, not by much though. By the time we were both at 70-80 he was about 2-3 car lengths ahead. Every round about we came to though i always caught up. These things just dont seem to be able to stay in a straight line or drift properly. First round about he looked like he was power sliding, second he went round properly but looked to be understeering on the exit.

Never got a chance for a 0-?? race, only from about 5000rpm in second situation. I know i would be killed in a standing start but at least you know know that you wont loose to much face if you meet one of these things thats already moving.

PS i had just filled up with a full tank of optimax (still collecting the cards) and had a weeks worth of camping gear and wetsuit stuff in the back so i was quite loaded.
Even unloaded i know i wouldnt win but it was close and its good to know that handling (or racing a idiot driver) counts for somthing

Time for a big moan now....


Does anyone know how to stop this bugger kicking in at under 7000? Every gear i was hitting the bugger for a split second when changing! I feel it would allow the car to go much quicker if i could change later so when i get into the next gear i have more torque. I stopped and tried the computer trick but this did nothing, anyone know how i can stop this happeneing? PS the car was already warmed up


it was cutting in BELOW 7k bout 6800 or 6900!

I had already been driving for about 15mins before i saw this car so it was not temperature that was doing it.

Can Renault raise it for me? I dont really want to chip it as if i did that i would have to tell the insurance for sure.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Mine used to cut in (when colder or just when it felt like it) at 6800, but when warm it came in at 7200, now it comes in at 7600
  CTR EK9 turbo

i know how you feel racing pulsars. My friend has a pulsar with a full exhaust (hks down pipe which says on it "for competition use only") and cone filter. Before he had these mods i raced him (i was 3 up he was 2 up) and i was pulling past him at around !20 mph up hill. Since hes had these mods he toasts me, but our top speeds are identical and i was following/racing him the other day and he could not get away from me, he got one of his mates to measure his top speed with one of those dodgy GPS things and it said his top speed was 143 mph, i think those gpss are innacurate as the top speed of my car is 138 mph and no more (book figs) even tho the speedo says more. Hatchbacks have utterly crap aerodynamics. And also the pulsar has dreadful aerodynamics, its like a brick on wheels! good acceleration tho, and his handling is not so good. I was up his arse (not literally thanks) like a whippet around sweeping bends, those things understeer for england, even when you let off the throttle! scarey stuff. But never race one off the line. If he does a 6000 rpm dump the clutch antic, hell get about 50 million car lengths ahead of you!!! i know how it feels!!!!

Wouldnt bother mate.. The rev limiter is there for a reason.. Unless your planning on having a new engine fitted in a few thousand miles then accept defeat off this one. Why not try your simple mods first like filters, weight strip down and mod chips.
My mate had a piston come through his body work when he razzed his Clio


Have you had a 12,000 mile service? Did the chance come in after that with the rev limiter?

Just wondering.

Also urs is a MKI so i would assume urs a bit lighter than my Angellica, hench the matching speed.

Definately right about the sliding on his part. Pulsars are deadly from standing and in a straigh line but have an almost american ability when it comes to corners
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey there. From new as in after the running in period the rev limiter has been at 7200, but i had noticed recently that it got lower (after i did that weird test with turning the ignition and holding down the windscreen wiper menu button and the dials went crazy thing) as in 6800 rpm. Maybe i just became sensitive to it after i did that. But it changes, especially after its warmed up - goes much higher now with new ecu.

Ahhhh the joys of having a red line
You could increase it to 8k and you would still have the same problem... what your doing wrong is taking the car to the redline in the first place, thats where your loosing time.
Anything above 6.5k and your loosing out on power as your power drops quite sharply from there, its a safety measure in one way, thats why you normally find that most (but not all) cars produce their max bhp about 500 rpm below the red line, this is also the optimum changing point for gear changes
As for nissan pulsars/sunny GTiRs.... they have always been known for not being the best 4x4 handling car, possably due to those 14 inch wheels they come with as standard and the rather cr@p brakes that wouldnt stop a micra dont help either.
If the guy in front is also taking the car to the red line he too is loosing out on his power, and those GPS things well they are accurate to approx 1.5mph so id expect the reading to be quite good ya know

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  BMW 320d Sport

Gotta agree with P-head - the rev limiter is there for a reason, ok there is a big safety margin built into the limit, so say the limit is at 7k, you could probably run it safely at 8k. But the thing is, it depends what kind of a driver you are. If, without any further mods, youre hoping to rag it at 7-8k all the time then dont be surprised when you get big garage bills fairly often. Driving a car like this does take a heavy toll and you have to be prepared to cough up a lot of money to keep it running right.

I wouldnt look at raising the rev limiter to get extra oomph, thats a bodge. Look at modifying the breathing first, then chipping it next. If the rev limit is raised thats a bonus.