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last nite race

hi guys

me bored again here so i will let u know that new celica is a piece of crap... last nite i drove a S4 out to another town (Hamilton) from Auckland (for those that lives in NZ) anyway when i got there lots of boy racers wow... ahah n this guy in a new celica came right next to me (i had 4 in teh car including myself) n the lights go the celica draged off ... ok i thought my mates said never back off from a grand prix ...... sure ..... so rolling start very very gentle 1st up to 3000rpm......... 2nd 3000 rpm and 6 ahha yeh jump to 6th n yup i won..... ok ok bit lame but then we got to the second lights n stopped again... he was revving it heaps so i push a little harder..... lights go .......... the S4 just paws out with its quattro system n as soon as i hit 3000rpm in 1st i actuallly jumped a whole car length already... shifted at 5000rpm n then 2nd into 4000rpm..... guy was wasted when i was about 70-80kms he was at least .....hhm.. 4 cars back or 3 cant really tell... shame.. never ever take a Stuggart machine on..... n on the way back yeh nailed a few guys ahha coz i was doin 250-260 kms ... strange i dont think my car has the speed governor probably just the speedo out a little then. but yeh 250 definately

oh well good enough for me just want to share