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LCJK123's Artic Blue 182

  BMW 328i
Hello everyone I'm Luke and relatively new to the forum.

I thought I would start my own thread on the progress of my little Artic Blue 182.

Small introductions for some of my previous cars I had before the Clio.








And here is my Artic Blue 182




Tidied up the seatbelts, they need done again but much nicer than before.


The steering wheel was just as bad so it was done too.



The headlights were pretty bad so i tidied those up too. Ideally need done again when I have more time.


The engine bay needed a tidy up so I done that on Friday.



Then I couldn't stand seeing the battery and didn't want to pay the price of a full battery cover so I made my own on Saturday.


My new detailing kit bag turned up so I can store some of my products in and I'm pretty happy with it. Even has two large strips of Velcro on the bottom so it doesn't slide all over the place in the boot.


Anyway that's it for now. I look forward to sharing some progress of the car as and when I do more.

Two of my brothers are also on here. One has a blue 172 cup and the other has a Blackgold 182 FF. We plan to do our own version of the NC500 at the start of June so I'm sure there will be overloads of pictures from the road trip soon enough.

Thanks for looking.
Luke :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 RS ph1
Wooow its a fine 182, looking great !!

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  BMW 328i
Thanks guys. It was a free mod because all the materials I had lying around in the shed which was nice.
  BMW 328i
I don't think the quality of it is good enough for people to want to purchase one. @OssPoop. It's just something I made one night because I was bored.


ClioSport Club Member
It looks pretty good though pal. I'll have a go at one myself at some point. Best keep my eyes open at work for some "spare" plate.
  BMW 328i
So today I took advantage of the nice evening and decided to clean the car.

First off was the wheels and then hit with Blit Hamber Korrosol and sealed afterwards.



After that I done inside the arches. Sadly I didn't realise until I needed it that I'd ran out of Autosmart Tardis Tar and Glue so for the job to be done properly I'll have to restock and do them again. Will be a lot less effort next time though.


I knew behind the taillights were dirty so I sorted that too.


Gave the interior a once over


Whilst the wheels were off I got round to changing my cracked fog light


During cleaning and an after pic


And for those of you that like to see beading



That's it for now. I plan to tidy up the metal bend on the induction kit and also the AC lines so they look tidier in the bay.

Will be ordering some Gtechniq C4 permanent trim restorer for the black trims on the car, to tidy those up without getting the annoying drips/runs down the paint after it's rained.

Will update again soon with any other progress, thanks again for looking :smile:
  BMW 328i
So I got round to cleaning up the pipes today.



And a before and after


Most of today was spent working away on the paintwork on my brothers car.

This is looking awesome chap, same colour as mine except i've got the standard wheels......... now I've seen what mine could look like on those wheels lol!
Some very smart previous cars too btw, that Mk2 Golf especially!
  BMW 328i
Well not much has changed with the car but I just completed a 780mile road trip all around the west coast of Scotland and all the way around te Isle of Skye also with two of my brothers. Had a great time and the cars never missed a beat.