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LEDA coilovers availbel for Cup in 3/4 we

They are getting 172 Cup samples sent to them and will be developing a full suspension system for the cup - fully rida and height adjustable - £800 +vat + delivery and Im number 1 on the list peeps!

I know from experience Leda do a very competent setup for scoobies and evos, but do you know if they are adjustable for both bound and rebound?


Yes, they will be adjustable on bump and rebound. We are still waiting for a vehicle in the workshop (have been promised one) before we can finalise the kit.:)

  VW Transporter 174

Good to see Leda going strong-Essex engineering at its best:D


Any chance of sorting out my suspension,its very similar to the TEG.

Cheers Slayer

If you drive a Honda, Slayer, Id recommend Mr Nana at Option Motorsports in Silverstone. If theres one thing the guy knows, its suspension issues.:)