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Length of warranty

I purchased an imported Clio in June this year and was told that i had a 2 year standard manufacturers warranty from Renault, and only cars bought from Renault UK have 3 year warranties. Having opened up the post today i have a letter from Renault UK informing me i have a 3 year warranty but am not entitled to the breakdown cover that they give to cars brought from there dealers.

Has everybody else got a 3 year warranty, as every importer i spoke to earlier in the year told me i would only get a 2 year warranty?

This has come as a very pleasant suprise.

Theres load of posts about this if you have a look back, but basically yes, most people now realise you are entitled to the full 3 year warranty.

Ive been told to send certain documents to Renault UK to validate my warranty, have you already done this?

The letter just said my car had a 3 year warranty, a warranty and service booklet was enclosed and that was all. I had some info of a couple of months ago, but just assumed i was getting the 2 year warranty.

I got mine from Trade Sales, and it only came with a 2 year standard warranty. I bought an extended 1 year warranty from them for £300. Have I been ripped off? I only got it for piece of mind, but if its covered anyway it seems a bit bad of them to sell add on warranties. I thought the three year warranty was on Uk cars, and the european warranty was two years.

I thought that it was two years warranty with Renault and another one with the dealer. Thats common practice I think - an easy solution for manufacturers once competitors upped the ante (they spread the risk with the dealer).

I think it was Joe (Captain Slarty) who got his money back from Motorpoint. Im in the process of getting mine back too but its taking rather a long time..........

I just did the same with Motorpoint in derby, just faxed the lady at autosupport with my email from renault (stating the 3 years thing) and she texted me back about 10minutes later informing me the £399 cheque was in the post.

Didnt even question it