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Lexus IS200 (Japanese Mercedes)

I thought clio sports where quick, but I have just beaten one away from the lights in Banbury.

The youth at the wheel, was giving me the eye and edging forward, so I gunned the Lexi and left him in my dust!

Hope you are all suitably embarassed! :oops:

See ya! :devilish:


  EV (s)

ohh 153 bhp im soooo scared the clio driver was doing his good deed for the day and letting a old person get home safe

your car 0-60 in 9.5 secs (if that)

172 0-60 in 6.9 (at the most)

go on sod off!!


I never have any problems beating Bono to a destination, in one of his many Hatchbacks, even the sporty ones!

He always gets lost, as the streets have no name!;)

The driver actually looks like Alan as well - should see the cardigans and prin gle jumpers he wears. A nice big fat slice of Thin Lizzy

I think youll actually find that the Lexus used for the Alan Partridge TV series is actually an IS300 badged down to an IS200. I cant remember why that is, but if you look at the trim/wheels of the car, its definitely an IS300 - Coogan himself admits this.

So, Mr Partridge, isnt it about time you came clean about your car?!:D


  EV (s)

even is300s are dog slow is 200s are slower than a slow thing in reverse

slow slow slow slow slow

i think they are slow ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

I also have an IS 200. ( for shopping days ) Only got it as the dealer was near by.

I can assure you I would have left it for dead in my 172.

Performance & Fuel Consumption

Maximum Speed:
Manual: 134 mph
Auto:127 mph

Acceleration 0-62 mph(0-100 km/h):
Manual: 9.5 sec
Auto: 11.2 sec
  mk2 172

an is200 for shopping? dash, youve got too much money!, anyways alan, the lexus is well slow!, iv roasted two in two different cars, and one of my cars wasnt that quick!, so get back to filming instead of racing DCis.

the only thing will come close is jap spec RS200 notice RS its toyota 4 pot engine 200hp

I have driven IS300, IS200...... nope wont beat 172..... coz IS300 only comes in Auto mode (i think) good car but no 172 beatin performance.

probably those special Turbo charged RS200 will.. or a IS430 (i have seen an article from USA)


ClioSport Club Member
  E92 M3

Ive got a couple of mates in Banbury - Jon/Tim Gardner, Russ/Tim Gerry, Ian Ramm, Gareth Webb, Stuart Cato, Ian Swanton, paul Arthur

Any of these names ring a bell 2 anyone in banbury?

yeah the is200 are slowwww! my mate had a company car one, my valver ate it up.

Altho dont mess with the newkinda long shape sport coupe ones, yeah i did at about 70-!20, hmmmmm didnt know it was a v8 till after! ouch!