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  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
i know the steering is a little heavy on a 182. but its annoying how it throws you all over the road in a straight line and how the steering wheel doesnt always centre correctly after turning.

now the other day i removed the aquastic valve and i took the wheel off. (standard silver 16" 182).... couldnt beleive how heavy these little bugger was.

so im wondering if fitting lighter wheels will this make the steering a bit more responsive and lighter. and not throw me all over the road.

ive had tracking and balancing done too. i just think its the weight of the wheels.

out of interest does anyone know the weight of these 16" wheels. they feel as heavy as my old 18" rs6s.

thinking of getting some rotas, buddy club or 16" or ultraleggera.

thanks.... post away.
Right up my street , am looking into lighter wheels aswell.

You sound like your setup is still wrong , even after laser setup. Did you go and put your rear tyres to the front maybe ? This caused me a lot of problems a while back, had two adjustments done untill i found out that you should never change the rears to front.

I think you have the wrong setup, because the right 182 setup will/should defo not "throw" you across..

Edde has all the settings for setup tracking etc.. do a search on his posts.

And if still wanting lighter wheels ;

Buddyclub P1 (Qualifying!) 16 inch at 5 Kg !! (15inch 4.4kg) Racing white ! Also different colors available
or Ultraleggera in 15 inch (ugly) at 5.2kg, the 16inch can be bought in Racing White at 6.6 kilograms..

I like racing white
Check your toe in/out setting.. toe in will give a more straightline stability as toe out will feel easier on curves. Maybe you have too much toe in ?
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
thanks for the replys

yeah i like the buddyclub p1 in white with the blue edge on them, will go well with my blue clio.

can you recommend any good garages around south yorkshire area which has proper setups for wheel alignment,

i had the two new tyres put on the rear and the two standard tyres put on the front.

where best place to get buddy p1s from?


ClioSport Club Member
Just saved 20kgs overall from swapping my standard 182 wheels for some 15's, they weight in at about 18-19kgs each.

Mine feels a lot better to drive, less tramlining on 195 wide tyres, better turn in and response, love it :D
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
what 15" wheels are those? any pics

yeah reading about, people seem very happy with 15".

dont know what style of 15 would suit clio. and obv tyre walls are bigger, so i would have to lower then, which i dont want to really, as gf drives it alot
  A silver Honda
If you want super lightweight wheels try and get hold of some JDM Desmond Regamaster Evos. Usually found on EG/EK 4x100mm pcd Hondas.

3.9 kgs per wheel in a 15"!
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
mine just feels heavy, just turning a corner feels unconfortable, cant just use light pressure on wheel to turn a 90degree bend. n the tramlining is doing my tree in