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Lightweight Pulleys


ClioSport Club Member
I changed my Aux belt the other day and will be replacing the PAS pump this weekend.
On the Pure website i noticed they sale lightweight Crank Pulleys,Water Pump pulley and pas Pulleys.
Has anyone got these fitted and is it worth changing to lightweight ones while im at it?,any real benefits,i can see it maybe puts less stress on the engine and parts etc.


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
Standard crank pulley but worth changing the rest is you don't mind the outlay but I'd say you'd get more gains from epas and elecy waterpump though.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah i would change the crank one for an original one as it has the damper built into it.
Was just intrigued about the lightweight ones.

Will look into EPAS set up,maybe worth doing in the future.