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Line in into 182 head unit

  182 w/cup susp

I just want to connect my iPod to my head unit so when I change to aux, I can press play on my iPod and hear my music.

It is the 1st gen iPod so it is expensive to get a denson link etc, plus if I get another make of MP3 player, itll be useless. Is it possible to do this with the standard head unit?



well actually all 172/182 hus have a changer input if you could figure out how to feed audio through that then its possible.

If not a dension ice link is the easiest way
  Megane R26

As Tom said above, All you should need is a cable that uses the same connector as the changer and into a 3.5mm jack. http://www.caraudiodirect.comCarAudioDirect do such a cable, well looks like one, made for blaupunkt but the connector looks the same as the one for the changer.
  182 w/cup susp

Thanks for the reply guys, I have an iTrip and as I do a bit of travelling, it is a bit of a pain having to re-tune it when you go through different counties.

The Blaupunkt connector looks ideal as I may change MP3 player soon and at least with a standard jack, Ill be able to use any kind of MP3 player and not just the same as I have now.

right I have enabled the aux in (hold down the expert button, use up and down arrows to select aux in, use left and right to enable/disable) it is now selectable via the source button. What connections are on the back of the 182 cabasee headunit? does it have just a changer port, or is there phono socket for the aux in?
  Polo + Micra

you would have to whip it out to have a look but i reacok the the lead from above will work if it only has a changer plug