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liquid noise

Wouldnt that be a good name for a band?
Anyhoo, I drove to work without the stereo on this morning and noticed that whenever I accelerate or brake it sounds like theres about 10 litres of water swilling about under the passenger side of my car (phase 1 16v).
Has anyone else experienced this?
Can anyone make a guess as to what it is?
Does anyone know if there are any drain holes that could have been blocked and where they are?
It seems to travel the entire length of the car, but it doesnt make any noise when I steer side to side.
I dont like the sound of it, especially just before winter sets in can anyone help?

I get the same problem mate.. Seems to be after it rains alot so its got to be getting in somewhere.. Ive had a look but cant seem to find anything.....
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I used to get it in my old RT all the time, raining or not. No idea why but I dont seem to have it in my 16v! Always used to wonder what it was!

I get it. I find it goes after a while if you put your heater on... hmmm, odd :)

Then Again, I also have rain in my car - Quicker to get to Uni - I can have a shower whilst driving.


Easy solution as provided by Nick Hill....

Drill a hole at each end of your sill and then protect it!

Waters gone! Although it doesnt answer the Q wheres it coming from?

Must be from the A post or by the rear bumper as there are no other places of entry with the car stationary.

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Steve its a special feature. All Clios either have it or they dont. Doesnt seem to really do much except for make a noise. Mine has done it for years and I still dont know where the water is, but it does only do it after its been standing in the rain, not in dry weather.

Oh nice, 16vs across the country rotting from the inside out!

Mk2 escorts leak water through the heater matrix and the floor gets wet. Just incase you give a s**t!
  clio 20v

my van does the heater matrix thing

after being in traffic switching on the heater gives you a nice sauna

and wellies are now standard driving footwear



It is definately in the passenger sill, i can show you if you want!

Been baffling me for a while as it happens when its parked up and there are no signs of any damp patches anywhere.

Not the sunroof as they have no drianage channels and the roof is only single skinned.

Mat.(still looking)

Got rid of my noise although im not sure weather its a good thing or not!

Was cleaning my wheels, so i thought while the car was jacked up id have a look underneath and see if there was any drainage holes along the bottom of the sill?

Found one right in the middle, so i gave it a blow out with a high pressure airline and proceded to get a face full of water!?!

So the noise has gone but the water might still be getting in there?

unless they all do it and its just that the drainage hole gets blocked up on some of them!

I had already sprayed LOADS of waxoil down my sills so i should be ok, still baffles me as to where it could come from?


I saw a problem on a mk3 golf that the passenger footwell was getting wet. It turns out that they have this little pipe bit that sticks out where the door hinge is (when the door is open). This gets blocked with crap and the water drains into the wrong place, maybe its a similar thing:confused: