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lLeads, plugs and stuff - advice please

My cars running like a turd at the moment. It sounds like its only firing on three cylinders when I try to accelerate from low revs (and I dont mean tickover, I mean 3000rpm).

I think Im going to change the spark plugs and leads, does anyone know which ones are good? Id like to get some "performance" stuff cos Ive got a policy of replacing anything on my car with better stuff, but I realise that its not going to be any quicker than it should normally be.

What else should I change? Is it easy to change a fuel filter? What about a new air filter (performance one of course)? Which one should I get? Is it the cold weather thats causing the problems? the car had a major service earlier this year.

So many questions.... advice, opinions please
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Could be the plugs - mine was ticking away untill it was warmed up - sounded like there was a typewriter under the bonnet!

Swapped them tho, got Bosch platinum thingys (the ones with 4 points on the end), cost about £20 for 4 from halfords - theyre good quality, german made, and standard equipment on BMW etc - been as good as new since...

I also replaced the fuel filter, not too hard....just clamp both pipes which go to and from the filter or youll get dowsed in unleaded!

Easy to replace - just undo the holding clamp, clamp both hoses tight! Them remove and replace with the new one, taking care as to the pointing arrow on the filter showing the fuel flow - (tank to engine)...

Air filter: - I have a K&N on mine - the induction pipe u get with it is sh1te! - had to make a new one....sounds awesome tho....

Gonna change it next year for a Viper or maybe a Hill power induction kit and filter....they seem to have good reviews from other owners on here...but if you have an exaust system on, maybe a good idea to get it chipped, as the engine will be running lean on fuel....

Hope this helps...

Is the pipercross viper available for the clio 16v then? How much does it cost? who does them? does it have everything you need? do you need to remove your foglights to fit it?
  BMW 320d Sport

Steve, most people I can think of (whove mucked about with the ignition) use Magnecor leads. The original Renault leads (made by Bougicord) are actually a lot better than most aftermarket silicone leads and Magnecor use the same internal design, just with better suppression, and proper silicone jacket instead of rubber.

Plugs, Ive used Bosch Super 4 in the past, no complaints, likewise Champion EON 1 have been fine. Theyve both run perfectly at 7000 revs firing nitrous so I guess that means theyll work under any conditions.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Viper is around £250 isnt it? - Think i saw it advertised in a magazine - this months Fast Car (not mine - honest!)

cool, cheers everyone, ill get some magnecor & bosch ordered.

What about air filters? do you have to get a chipping session to get a viper? does it even exist for the valver? Wouldnt i be better off getting a replacement element? which one?