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Locating front tweeters

Im not into removing the dashboard on my Clio to fit my new tweeters in places, so where else can I put them? (plus my memberships expired and I cant get access to the removal guide anyway!)

I was thinking of sticking them either at the top of the A-pillar or at the bottom of the A-pillar - what would be best for SQ? Ive placed them in position (so to speak) and they look OK in both positions.

Cheers for any help!

Take them to an ICE fitter mate.....about an hours labour would sort it, trust me, under the dash will be far better cosmetically and more secure as you wont be able to see the speakers so this makes it less inviting for some little ned to come along and nick them from the car!

I refuse to give in to ICE fitters!

Id rather attempt it myself - but I need the instructions for removing the dashboard top. I know these are in the members area but this membership situation means I cant access it! Can anyone PM me them if youve got access to it? (I promise I will be renewing as soon as I can!).
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ally, put them on your wing mirror covers

i have mine there and they sound best there as they are at the right height!!!

only thing is, you will have to take the door cards off to run wires up to there but it doesnt take long!!!
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hmmm, with my first ones I managed to slide in by just removing the grilles!! was abit hectic. but no point doing it now as I have elites so dont want the sound ruined having them stuck in the dash!
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you can do it by unscrewing the covers i took the dash off took the old ones out and glued some infinity ones in but i had to run new wires anyway as their amped now

Taking the dash out takes hardly any time. Its easy. I did it without instructions and it took maybe 10 minutes or so. Just pull off the trim, unscrew the screws, pull on the dash and its off.

If youre agile, you can even mount them through the tweeter speaker covers. Twist them about 1/3 of a turn and theyll come out.

But having said that, I mounted my tweeters in their 45-degree angle mounts and screwed them onto the top of the tweeter covers. I took the tweeter covers off, and put a couple of holes in them with a soldering iron, cut it smooth with a blade and screwed my tweeters onto that. That was the best spot, because I can rotate them to angle them how I want, and the angle of the mounting brackets is just right for that position (theyre Boston Pros).
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take the dash off - no worries, did it with the sound place, they had never done it before - we just took off the a pillar covers (clips off) unscrewed sterring column cover then all the screw of the dah then it popped off, no hard pulling required.

will look much neater imo

PMd you 16v.

Cheers for the suggestions! If I dont manage to get the dash top off then the wing mirror cover option sounds a good one (cheers liamrsi (y)). But Id rather have em hidden away from prying eyes if I can.

Bring on the membership renewal and I wouldnt have this hassle getting the guide...

Why, is there a problem with new memberships then? :p

Previous owner of mine has re-routed tweeters to top of A-pillar just behind my head... sounds pretty good actually but can get a little bit tinny in your ears if played for long duration so bare that in mind.



if you dont wanna take the dash off then the best place to put them for you is on the wing mirror covers at the bottom of the A pillar...