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locking back wheel

  172 cup
hey guys just noticed my rear wheel appears to be lockin at low speeds. do u think this is the wheel bearing . could the brakes be locking on , racking my brain as to what it could be. any feedback is much appreicated
Could be wheel bearing, Caliper seized or the handbrake lever on the top of the rear of the caliper stuck on. As Kevstar stays, jack it up and all will be revealed.
  260% JCW
Is there any play in the wheel. ie grab it and try shaking it side to side.

If it is the caliper Strip it down fisrt, clean it up and put it back together. May solve it, unless it is FUBAR.
  260% JCW
Id say its the bearing then from your description, has it had rear discs recently? Nut may may not have been torque'd up correctly.

If not then theres a Renault place on ebay that sell genuine rear discs with bearings in and pads for a good price.

Dont mean to insult you but check your wheel nuts too.