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Locking Wheel Nuts - to drill or not to drill


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Can anyone help as I've lost my locking wheel nuts (don't ask how!) and need to change my tyres ASAP.

One local Reno dealer said £45 for a new set - without any paper work = IS THIS POSSIBLE?

I phoned the dealer who I bought the car from and they said £35 for a new set (with paper work) but I have to wait 3 months though as they order it from Italy??

OR £74 to drill it and £34 for a new set...

Tyres are nearly illegal and I've got some fresh F1s ready to go on!

Can any garage just go ahead and drill the lock?? I'm not to sure on the lock and nuts... I don't even want or need a lock in future... seems more trouble tbh!
Get some half inch sockets say between 15 - 19 mm and hold them over the bolts. Which ever has the best fit buy 4 and then smack them over the bolts with a an iron mallet. They should wedge thereselves onto the nut and then just stick a ratchet into the hole and they should come off

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is there any chance i could somehow fk it up... i'm not too confident in hammering anything into the wheel... anyone offering? lol

If i do break the locks, I've still got nothing to open the nuts or have I lost something?


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Surely the Renault dealership has spare locking nut keys and could remove them for you .


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If you f**k it up....get them drilled....hammering a socket on does work most of the time i've seen it done!

Good Luck:)

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I had similar problem, Renault cant (or wont) do anything other than offer to smash them off for you at £70 per hour! No thanks. My mate had a set of tools "given to him" by an AA man which did the trick!
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Its a b*****d of a job to do, had to do it on my 04 reg 1.2. The standard locking nuts do there job f**king well! Give yourself a good few hours to do it i tell thee...

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hmm, i'll see what the dealership can do for £45 - if anything...

If nothing I may just go to a couple of local garages and see if they can smash the lock, and then just buy some new ones from renault... can't see myself smashing them tbh :) otherwise i may just wait 3 months and leave the tyres i have... GOD help me! Can't afford to pay £75 - not to Reno anyway!

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THANK GOD!! Just found 'em!!

They were in a box with my old springs!! PHEW! Thanks for the posts though.... and I know it was thick of me so Please - no comments!!! :)
Dont pay £75 for Renault to get them off...
Where are you located ?.. someone will be able to suggest a cheaper place near to you..

check your box with springs, d'oh.

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I know I know d'oh indeed! I think that means i should reward myself with a new head unit! Thanks again all...!! :)