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Lol! Wot a quote!!!!



How the hell can prices range from £800 fully comp to this...?

Policy voluntary excess

Policy compulsory excess

Windscreen excess
See insurers policy wording below

Insurers premium
Inclusive of insurance premium tax at 5.00% (£211.70)

Administration charge

Motor Protection Plan Plus

Not taken

Auto Direct Rescue

Not taken

Payment Protection

Not taken

Premium due
Inclusive of insurance premium tax at 5.00% (£211.70)

Instalment option
(only available for proposers aged 18 or over with an annual premium of £125 or more)

Cash price of insurance premium

Less: Deposit

Amount of credit

Add: Total charge for credit 28.5% APR variable)

Balance payable

Total amount payable over 10 equal monthly instalments of



thats there nice way of saying it. also if they say fook off it goes against you when trying to get insurance elsewhere.