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Look what I found

  Clio v6

I will have to go for it. I have been drawing, painting, planing exactly this for months. Looks like they had the same ideas as me LOL

PS anyone speak good Denmarkiness?
  Clio v6

tried that Tom

Dear Elia,

hurdy gurdy schmerdy, schurdey, rerdy hurdy smurdy Clio V6?

Many thanks


Dear Dash,

Schmerdy OFF !





full spec (translated)

Base vehicle Clio V6, silver, approx.. 8,600 km

ELIA Tuningpaket:

- ELIA Avenue R-S three-part
VA 7x18 with Toyo 225/35 18
Hectar 9x18 with Toyo 255/35 18
- ELIA thread chassis
- ELIA compressor kompressornachruestung 275 HP (approx. 2000km old)
- ELIA 4-Rohr sport final pot inclusive high-grade steel hole screen
(optionally: with fan elbow union with special catalysts
(+15 HP, + 15Nm)
- ELIA roof wing Wings 16V
- ELIA headlight mask DE
- ELIA b-cross-beam lining genuine carbon
- ELIA Interior concept consisting of:
- Airbagsportlenkrad 34 cm
- GTS of sport seats leather Alcantara
- aluminum Racefloor
- tail fairing leather Alcantara
- aluminum hand brake handle
- leather switching stick bag
- leather parking brake bag
- color balance instrument panel and linings
- aluminum Design props

Ex-factory price inclusive Uefue/Brief 68,520, - -
  VW Potato

i dont really like the V6 to be honest. My sister loves it; does nothing for me though. Prefer the R5 T2. Sorry.

  BMW 320d Sport

Dash youve got to go for quad tailpipes mate. Every day I go past an M3 with quad pipes and its mental. Looks stupid on a slow car, but on something that obviously has a decent wedge of power and more than cylinders, its par for the course!
  Clio v6

I will pay a visit to H&S at the weekend and see what they will do.

Eila want ª1115.00+ shipping to supply the exhaust and trim.