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Looking for a trial map for a '04 Cup 172 with Group N timing

  Clio Cup RS2 172 04'
My garage has just replaced the timing belt of my Clio Cup from 2004 with the Group N timing tool that i supplied, thinking that it was another type of timing, less agressive.
Now the engine is running rough and stalls on idle when hot, i see that when it revs it seems to be more punchy but i know it's risky to push it for instance as the combustion is too lean with the stock map. I'm hesitating between timing again the engine with another setup or trying to make it running better like it is now but with a remap. The problem is that here in France it's hard to find such specialist who's aware of this special type of timing and know how to deal with it. Sounds weird but it is true. I was wondering if someone here could share or sell me his map of the same engine, so i could see the mods and apply them to my map ? I have WinOLS and the tools to read and write my ECU...


ClioSport Club Member
Dekker motorsport in the netherlands will be able to map it for you. He might do remote map if you can log