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Looking for a tv, suggestions?

As title, looking to spend 300ish this weekend pick up from a store preferably.
Mainly used for Xbox and needs to be a decent size 32+ did find a good deal on a 40inch Sony bravia in Argos for 299 but that's out of stock everywhere.
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Its gotta be a samung and its gotta be LED. They are miles out in front at the moment. So anything with Samsung and LED TV in it will do...
32" is too small. Bigger is better.

It might seem too big at first but after a while you'll wish you got something bigger.
Amazon and check hotdeals.

You will not get a good deal in a shop.

I understand that but apart from getting it delivered to home I have no address to deliver to, I go home once once a month this weekend to pick up being why.
What's to look for in a tv for the Xbox obviously fullhd but apart from that all I know of is the most Hz as possible
Found a tv in Argos, its a bush its 37 inch with 3d all the ratings Ive found for it have been excellent picked it up today and quickly set it up and in happy, transformers 3d blu ray looks pretty epic on it and im happy