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looking to buy new wheels

hi guys i am looking for a new set of wheels for my 172 . i have the standered 172 wheels on the car just now 15inch i think they r not sure . what size should i go for any info would be a good help . what is the size u guys go for when buying wheels . i dont want the wheels to rub my inner arches when i turn corners or nothing i like the look of Turinis . whats best and whats your opinion on wheels and best size of wheel for the 172 thanks
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either of those look crap tbh, I assume it's a ph1? the standard wheels look nice enough! if not put some ph2 wheels on?

Oh and wrong section!
Those Miglia wheels are rank, circa 1991!

Don't go above 16". Whatever people say, you can't go wrong with Turinis... They look nice whilst still looking OEM. If you get obviously aftermarket wheels it simply doesn't work without further mods.
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Standard wheels are 16". I'd say go for 16s, best compramise between looks and handlings. 17" can look ok for a select few wheels but if you read about on here, you'll see that people see handling is much better on 16s than 17s. 15s look a bit small and don't look great unless you're lowered.

At the end of the day, go with wheels YOU like, its your car, enjoy it your way and if they're not to everyone else's taste, just put standard wheels back on when you sell it.
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iv got a set 16" tsw modena's in a polished grey i think simular to the turuni's which is why i bought them. there in perfect condition only had them a few months. yours for £250??? can get pics for you or look them up?? cheers gazz...
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17"s off a Megane. Slammed on its buttcheeks looks quite good imo. Yet it still looks high though.
gazzman u got a meage . i have ruled out the wheels in the links i put up . i like the gum metal colour of wheels for my car . i keep looking for the mean time . thanks for all the info . looks like its 16inch for me then