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lotus elise racing close!!!



Damn that looks like fun!
Is that Track in Australia? does anyone know?
Doesn't look like anyone knocked each other! HOW? They were so close!
  tiTTy & SV650
aye Bathurst is an island off Oz I think.

That guy makes fooking awesome progress through the other cars, nice!
Just shows no matter how many mods you have to a car that a decent driver will always win out. Driver training can be more cost effective and give your car more performance than spending a fortune on engine mods!


  G81 M3 Touring & A35
Thats exactly the line (through the hilly corner bit :) I used to take on Toca race driver! Pissed on everyone else in the game to.
I love the comments on YouTube, it's all out war half of the time. These ones are pretty good until you get to the last one.

Great vid though, although not a great deal of choice but to drive that close at Bathurst.
  ph1 172
No wonder its close racing, that track is about 2 foot wide

Cant say i spotted any run off on any of the corners either...