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Loud knock when i turn the steering wheel

  Renault clio van
Hey ladys and gentlemen!

Was wandering if anyone coulde help? Iv got a loud knock when i turn my steering wheel and plus when i go over humps and bumps in the road??
There will be plenty on at this time still, its early for here ;)

A fair few small mods, if you search my threads created I have a project thread.

How loud is the knock? is it a clicking knock or a heavy thud?
  Renault clio van
Id say heavy mate.

How do i search your threads? Im just lookong at subtle mods for my clio van....just after ideas
If you jack up your front wheels one at a time (dont just use the boot jack its not very stable, use a trolley jack and an axel stand if you can) then put one hand at the top of the wheel and one at the bottom and move the tyre rock the wheel like that, this can sometimes show a click which would most likely be the lower ball joint, although getting a long bar and pressing against the joint is more likely to show ware on that.

For the track rod ends, if you put one hand at a 9o'clock position and your other at 3o'clock and rock the wheel and tyre left to right, whilst someone holds the steering wheel, if you can hear a a click/clunk then it could be worn track rod ends.

And if you cant be bothered doing any of that yourself, you might be better paying a local garage a few quid to tell you whats wrong, it could be something else which is why getting it in the air so a mechanic can look might be easier in the long run.

My project thread is:

Heres a thread which a lot of non sport / van owners will have posted in to give you ideas: