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Low Life!!




ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I can't beleive someone would steal all the bits off your car, thats terrible.....
You sure this is real???
They must be very good at stealing stuff then.. Allow me *cough*

They've nicked the 5 spoke alloys in the scrappers..




Replaced them with turbines ;)

Me Thinks someones been owned :eek:
Very CS lol

Ive stole all the bits and there in my shed :D

Just having some fun and taking some last pics as my computer crashed at weekend and I lost all my pics!!! :(
I take it, it's yours then?
Not a member of Williamsclio so wouldnt't know :eek:
Although it did look suss they were different alloys ;)
  Dci 100
ghetto style

havent i seen someone on here call that the uber rat

you can see the footprints on the rear wing where its been kicked in