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Low mileage 1.2 8v

The mot is due on the current daily runabout and to be honest I have no faith in it passing what so ever.

After browsing Gumtree, Facebook and auto trader for about a week solid i eventually come across this!

1.2 8v authentique its basic as hell but no leaky sunroof to worry about 😂.








So it has absolutely no luxuries what so ever not even rear speakers. Even a cheapy looking carpet roof liner but i see that as less things to go wrong. And with mileage like that it was hard to walk away from.

All for the price of £625 👌

Today I went and given the car a good once over with the machine polisher and got rid of the stickers in the back window to tidy it up a bit also as mentioned fitted over a spoiler i had from previous cars.

Given the engine bay a well needed clean as well.


I do have a few subtle plans for the car just to give it a good tidy up and also add a couple of things from higher spec models.


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It'll get going well enough, you just need to keep it floored until both hp are awake😂. I hope your oil filter isn't too tight, mine was a tw@ to get off!
So just a few subtle tidy ups.

Spare sport front grill fitted

Dynamique spoiler

Silver interior trim pieces



And a brighter boot light.

Was going to swap over the glovebox boot light but.... It doesnt have one and the wiring isnt there either 😂 poverty spec!

Next will probably be swap all the interior over for black plastics and sports seats as the cream is just not for me. Personally i think its rank 😂🤢😷
Well thats a sport interior acquired and fitted this weekend.

Goodbye Grandad spec cream interior, wasn't my cup of tea at all, Guaranteed if i parked outside the bingo with classic fm playing some 60 year old would be creaming all over the cream spec shedder but as tempting as that sounds I settled for the sport interior.




All the pillar plastics and door trims etc have all been changed to black as well. (Not bothered doing the lower dash as thats more bother than its worth)

Also acquired a full sport bodykit as well but ill get pics of that later. Its mostly all in Monaco so not to far off from oddysse.

The car will be getting a full wrap at somepoint anyway. The bodywork may be in great condition but the previous owner must have washed the car with a brillo pad and a wire brush 🙄


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  Whichever has fuel
For the sake of 1-2 hours work, I’d be tempted to paint the lower half of the dash, dark grey.