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loweing a 182 in a hurry???

  M135i, 118 coupe
where could i take my car to be lowered 182on cup packs before monday next week its urgent??? i live in the southwest so maybe k-tec???


ClioSport Club Member
  E92 M3,172 track car
Your garage?
It should take around 2-3 hours if you give it a go yourself.
  M135i, 118 coupe
forgot to mention i need apex springs aswell no sure if somewhere will get them delivered before the weekend, reason being im going back to work in Germany till christmas so trying to sort the car out before i go next tuesday.
  M135i, 118 coupe
Danlp6 said:
If no one can get you in i can do it at the weekend. im in bridgwater.

yeah that would be good mate if i can get the springs you a mechanic or just someone who can do anything mechanical unlike me!!!


  LY 200
Unless you can find somewhere that has some Apex in stock you will be lucky as they take 7 days + for delivery, good luck :)
The lad i know is a fully trained, Previously Ford and BMW now Porsche tech. I'll find out if he can and how much, based in swindon.
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Put vennom motorsport into google. They normally have them in stock and if you order tomorrow morning before 11 or 12 (can't remember) They say next day delivery but I'd say you would have them by Sat. Mine took 2-3 days but it included a weekend or bank holiday (can't remember!) But there is a phone number on the site so ring them, ask them if they are in stock and if they would be able to get them delivered to you for saturday, if yes then you can order over the phone.
The job can be done yourself, it is easy. But I'm sure someone will do it for you if not.
  M2 Competition
K-tec, they take two days to get the springs to you mate! Will probably do next day if you ring early enough!