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I really cant see why anyone would want to lower a Cup? Are 100£ springs (that aint matched to the cup shocks) really going to improve on Renault sports set-up?

IMO there is no need to lower the Cup anymore the only reason I can see why you would want to do it would be for looks.

Youve got to look at it this way, Renault spend millions developing the correct chasis combinations, for normal road going conditions and track in the case of the CUP. Then someone feels the need to lower it with cheepo springs from some 3rd party company. To me its maddness!

P.S Sort out the CAPS!


there is a thread somewhere in the tech section about this....Renault do spend lots of time, but springs are not progressive and single rates, so nothing too high tech. THey spend time getting a good compramise, but increasing spring rate and lowering CoG a tad will only help........

Of course, within reason si the key, affecting dynamic geometry has more of an affect than dampers and springs.

Why dont we do a test, 1 driver, 2 cups one track day.........

You say it will help Ben, but will it be any better when negotiating a B road right hander with a few ruts and bumps, surley it will make it trikier to handle on uneven surfaces. Ok, you might see the differnence on the track!?

I lowered my Cup purely for looks as it the gap in the front wheel arch just looked to big.

It has made the car slightly harded but not realy noticable. Body roll has reduced and the rear end seams more planted when cornering fast.

Pic with standard wheels on.

Pic with 17s on.

If i want to go racing round a track a use a car that was made for it.

They are 45s. No flat spot on mine as i have a SBDevelopments MBE engine management which is fully programable.

Timed at 4.2 to 60 last year but its soon going up for sale soon got to get myself a Supabusa (westfield megabusa with a turbo:devilish:)

Shame to get rid of it as its 10 years old and still in as new condition (better than my Cup).

Well he has lowered it too which gives the impression that theyre bigger.

I agree there is no need to lower the Cup but people are starting to become critical of other members, there is no need. If you are going to be doing some trackwork i would recommend fitting coilovers and bigger brakes to the Cup, but i dont know much about the kits available. I will probably be getting coilovers custom made so ill get back to everyone once i decide on what company to use.